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Panda International Striving with Huawei PV

Time:2017-07-03 Return list
On December 26, the state government formally issued an adjustment on PV and onshore wind power tariff, a benchmark notice, which announcing from January 1, 2017 onwards, in one, two and three resource areas "full grid" PV benchmark price from 0.80 yuan 1kw/h, 0.88 yuan1kw/h and 0.98 yuan1kw/h down to 0.65 yuan1kw/h, 0.75 yuan1kw/h, 0.85 yuan1kw/h, respectively. The notice requires prior to December 31, 2016 to complete the record, and that anyone has completed its smart grid before June 30 2017 may continue to enjoy the power tariff before the price adjustments.

In this context, the rush-to-buy tides once again stirred in the photovoltaic industry before June 30. However, cases in this year are different from last March’s unusually hot situation owing to uncertainties from individual province, e.g. quota, land restrictions and other factors; during the first four months of this year, the entire PV industry is relatively calm, but to the late April and early May, it suddenly burst out and led to a market blowout.

"From May to June 15, the overall market supply is only 7-8GW, but the amount in hope of grid-connect is up to 15GW." GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited Vice President Lu Jinseng told the "Economic Information Daily" reporter. This year, polysilicon and silicon chips maintain the overall production and sales booming in the company, the existing 70,000 tons of polysilicon production overweight full sales, silicon production capacity exceeded 20GW, by year on year, to maintain double-digit growth and with the global market share of 30%.

Jinko Solar Vice President Qian Jing also said that the first quarter of this year, Jinko’s shipments was more than 2GW, it is the only more than 2GW in a single quarter among photovoltaic enterprises, the second quarter sales will continue to rise, a new high production capacity is still relatively tight.
Bloomberg new energy finance analysts forecast, new PV installation capacity will reach 27GW ~ 31GW in 2017, of which more than 20GW needing to catch up in the first half. With the components, stents and other tight supply is the price rise. It is understood that before June 30 this year, components and stent payment conditions more stringent, the market requires full payment for the accessories. The current price of polysilicon is 2.8 2.85yuan per watt.

In the first half of the year, PV companies benefited from the "630 rush", and achieved good results. According to Wind statistics show that in the semi-annual report has been disclosed in the report of the 18 listed companies in the PV, pre-increase, slightly increase, continued surplus, losses and other pre-hi companies up to 13, accounting for 72%. Among them, the Central shares is expected in June this year, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 270 million to 320 million yuan, up to 27.58% increase.

During the “630 rush “of the first half year, 2017, "Panda International", Panda International has succeeded in shipment completion of more than 230MW and continue to its first place if smart PV distribution in Huawei.
In the second half of 2017, Huawei Smart PV will introduce a number of new heavyweight products and product line will continue to improve, Panda International will also make persistent efforts to continue to provide customers with quality products and perfect service continue to help customers achieve business success!


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